Poetry K-Hole 6: The Infernal Principles

If you want to keep living in hell, treat other people the way you would never want to be treated.

Judge, abuse and criticise them and wait for the same energy to return to you.

If you want to keep living in hell, hold yourself in light and righteousness and keep your fellows at an arm’s length in darkness and condemnation.

If you want to keep living in hell, keep chasing and clinging to things, objects, people, experiences and ideas, to temporarily fill the void which you refuse to acknowledge is even there.

Keep pushing away the things, objects, people, experiences and ideas that threaten your creations.

Stay attached to clinging or rejecting.

If you want to stay in hell, never stop running.

Insist that slowing down to rest must mean that life has defeated you and therefore exhaustion must be a sign of weakness.

If you want to stay in hell, hold fast to your grievances and your stubborn beliefs.

Keep fighting what you have always fought to strengthen the enmity and hatred, never apologise, never forgive, and never, ever let go of your right to feel victimised and offended.

If you want to stay in hell, keep insisting that the world ought to conform to your ideas about how everything should change, and how you know what is best and that if only everyone did exactly as you wanted, then everything would fall neatly into place.

If you want to stay in hell, never accept yourself and your fellows for who they are.

Do not honour what you have been given, and do not honour the right of others to choose.

Fight to become more than what you are – better, stronger, more pure, more noble, more worthy.

If you want to stay in hell, give your authority away, anywhere, but only give it away where it does not threaten to touch you.

Give it to your thoughts, your family, your religion, your government.

If you want to stay in hell, insist on this game of the ever-turning wheel.

Submit to being ever thrown up and ever cast down, bound by chains of sin and chains of virtue.

Never step off this wheel on pain of disappearing into stillness and absence of definition.


Simon P. Murphy is the author of His Master’s Wretched Organ.

Poetry K-Hole 5: Hypnos Lost.

Hypnos Lost.

Visions slit our lids and peel
them open to pass the hours,

festooned over the rungs
as supernal sentries,
we are denied entry.

When preludes of a day,
through the stray notes,

hitch in
on a fleet of wings,

they shiver
through the vertebrae of repose –

rousing to a sick revival,
every other function.

But we – wreathed – linger
and perfect the art of existence

by expanding into the full fury
of our innovation,

and without breaking our shape,
we strike at the horizon –

while the departed lie still
in apery of dying.

– Sommer Cullingford

Poetry K-Hole 4: Carpentry of Bone

Carpentry of Bone

I am here and maunder
in bright anxiety, a moon
across the stricken brow
of restless exits;

scaling sands
in swollen faith –
my feet, broken
as bones.

Hopeless toes – let go.

Let go those ossein keys
for trees;
roots sunk as ships
in a sea of sod.

Like limbs,
I strive and share
this verdant lust
for ascension –

an approximation of heaven
in the cosmos I cast
with shadows

– Sommer Cullingford

Poetry K-Hole 3: Apotheosis of Lucifer

Breathe in deeply this Luminous Light.
This Light is from the highest part of the Self.
It is the LVX of Illumination and Apotheosis,
And the guidance that propels
The unconscious into consciousness.
It motivates and drives the Luciferian Self,
To manifest itself from the deepest part of our being,
To awaken the potential for all of us to be gods.
Thou are gods.
Thou are children of the gods.
See thyself as gods.
Look to the Stars and see,
The inherent wisdom in the Stars and in thy eyes.
The vision and the potential to truly see,
Thyself immortal, eternal, and infinity.

+Tau Jnana.’.)o(~


This is an excerpt from the upcoming The Chronicles of Lucifer, by +Tau Jnana.’.)o(~.