New Zealand Should Start Accepting White South Africans As Refugees

White South Africans may have become to the blacks what Jews once became to the Germans. Should New Zealand act now in the interests of preventing a genocide?

The race rhetoric in South Africa appears to have reached an unprecedented level of nastiness, and farm murders are increasing. Ever more prominent black South African voices are calling for the removal of white people. With a mind to possibly preventing a genocide, New Zealand ought to consider whether we should start accepting white South Africans as refugees.

There are several major advantages to the idea from a New Zealand perspective.

South Africans regularly find themselves at or near the top of the income tables for the various immigrant groups to New Zealand – in stark contrast to the sort of person who usually comes to the West as a refugee. This suggests that they broadly fall into the categories of immigrant that we’re trying to attract anyway.

The common Marxist argument that Third World refugees are generally beneficial to the nations that let them in has been proven to be a lie, but white South Africans have a similar level of academic achievement to white people in other Western cultures, and this has had a positive effect on employment rates and economic productivity. In this sense they could be considered a First World culture.

This also means that they’re much less likely to do the kind of welfare bludging and petty crime that people from other large refugee sources tend to do, which means that the New Zealand population is less likely to regret the decision to let them in. Many Europeans bitterly regret letting in so many immigrants whose net contributions are negative, and New Zealand has the right and duty to act to avoid the same fate.

Culturally speaking, white South Africans are more like us Kiwis than anyone else in the world is, with the exception of Australians. The first major wave of British colonisation was to the Americas, which is why the Americans and Canadians are similar, and the second major wave was to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, which is why these cultures are similar.

White South Africans speak English, they play cricket and rugby, they have a much better idea of how to conduct themselves in a Parliamentary democracy than most other immigrants, they value education, they have extensive experience (however cynical) of other ethnicities, they have a Northern European Protestant work ethic like most other successful colonial cultures, and, at least for now, they are mostly free of the massive psychological trauma that makes the long-term integration of a foreign person into society truly difficult.

In other words, they’re every bit our cousins as much as the Aussies are.

If white South Africans are not much different to us than Aussies are, their integration will be straight-forward, which is something that cannot be said of most potential refugees. This means that we can accommodate more of them for a given amount of social upheaval.

After all, a given number of immigrants will cause a level of social disruption that is a function of how different those immigrants are to the host population, so if one of the limits to taking refugees is how willing the host population is to accept them, then taking refugees that are more like us will allow us to help more people.

This means that if we are to take refugees at all, and many are arguing that we should, then we should take white South Africans first.

One negative that people might argue is that South Africa, as a developing country, needs the brainpower of its most highly-educated demographic much more than New Zealand does, as we already have a large class of highly-educated professionals whereas South Africa is still fairly poor and educational standards are very low.

But against that it could be argued that these white South Africans are going to end up moving out of the country one way or the other, and in short order in either case. Because they are educated, white and English-speaking it’s also fairly easy for Australia, Canada, Britain or America to take them in, so we might as well grab them now.

Another potential negative to consider is that offering blanket asylum to white South Africans might jeopardise a potentially more orderly withdrawal process. Measured emigration might turn into a panic.

But against this it would be argued that if a Zimbabwe-style ethnic cleansing in South Africa appears probable – and it’s looking ever more likely – then moving as quickly as possible is the best move to minimise human suffering in the long term.

New Zealand should take measures to accommodate considerable numbers of white South African refugees because the safety of those cultures in the African continent can no longer be guaranteed, and letting them into New Zealand is both easier than them going anywhere else and better for New Zealand than letting any other group of refugees in.


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13 thoughts on “New Zealand Should Start Accepting White South Africans As Refugees”

  1. Extremely interested, willing to work in NZ but my hubbies age is a concern at 58. his a facility manager, electrician

  2. What a splendid idea. A win win situation with benefits to both parties.
    The UN would be against such pragmatism as it would not suit their agenda of spreading Islam.

  3. Fuck-off white South Africans shouldn’t even be coming here. They have nothing to do with New Zealand other than being white and racist. NZ has accepted too many since the fall of apartheid. Why are they coming here? There is plenty of other countries in Africa for them to go to.

    1. Yes Cara. Not all of us are racist. We just want to live in peace and see our children grow up. But you dont care because are save in your big glass house. We are in a very big crisis and we need all the help we can get.

    2. What a mean thing to say Cara! May God forgive you for your ignorance. You dont have a clue.
      God’s land belongs to all colours and nations. You came into this world with nothing and you will leave the same way, and so will we all. God directs our paths and He has led South Africans (black, white and any other shades) out of Africa. We pray for NZ and other countries to have a heart and open their doors to those seeking safety outside South Africa.
      The world needs people with compassion. Thank God not all people are heartless.

  4. I have concerns being indigenous of n.z the political landscape may have changed in sth Africa but their consciousness hasn’t unfortunately, having had a bad experience with that Boer attitude I don’t mind them being here but they better pull their heads in we are a different kind of black who own vast blocks of farming land .

    1. Yeah I have a few South African friends and feel impelled to remind them that the average Maori IQ is probably 25 points higher than the average African one, and so they can’t be treated the same way…

      1. I have massive concerns, so far we have let 54.000 South Africans into my country (mainly white I’m guessing!) For all those years your aparthied government didn’t educate black Africans re – your coment about IQ ! treated the same way, interesting comment! Reading this article wants me to bring out the violins, stay in your own country and work out your own shit instead of running away we have enough shit in our own country to deal with, Including racism and over population. I’m happy to let real refugees here not white privileged South Africans who cultural are way different from my white / maori culture here. Stop coming and get on in building your rainbow nation, face your fears.

  5. Did u know the Sa government is planning to expropriate all white owned property in SA without compensation. Where will they Go? Consentration camps perhaps? Civil war could becoming to SA please take white South Africans!

  6. Yes Cara. Not all of us are racist. We just want to live in peace and see our children grow up. But you dont care because are save in your big glass house. We are in a very big crisis and we need all the help we can get.

  7. Cara. He tangata takahi manuhiri, he marae puheu. (A person who mistreats his guest, has a dusty marae). Firstly, not all South Africans living in New Zealand are white. Neither are all South Africans racist. Having lived in New Zealand far longer than South Africa, being a contributing member of society who has embraced being a kiwi, I have EVERYTHING TO DO WITH NEW ZEALAND. There are South Africans living in New Zealand far longer than what you are old- so technically more Kiwi than what you ever will be. If Africa is so wonderful, why don’t you move there? We will see how long you last with the GENOCIDE that is taking place in not only South Africa, but many other African countries. Ka mate te kainga tahi, ka ora te kainga rua. (When one house dies, a second lives.)

  8. “Fuck-off white South Africans shouldn’t even be coming here. They have nothing to do with New Zealand other than being white and racist.” Says Cara.
    That’s a rather.. um.. racist thing to say is it not? Have a look at what happened in Zimbabwe when they done the same thing, kicking white people off the land.
    After their country collapsed they pretty much begged them back!

  9. Let’s get some things clear – South Africa had one of the most sophisticated systems of racism ever up until 1994. As with anything else when a culture is embedded in a system it doesn’t go away overnight – slavery was abolished in the US but slavery did not actually come to an end in reality for another 100 years – Jim Crowe laws etc.
    White South Africans have to take some responsibility for the crisis in their country and their crisis is nothing more than high levels of crime. The same black Africans that they red lined into shanty townships and treated less than animals are still suffering and as such a lot of young men turn to drugs and crime for survival. At the top of the food chain is the white South African and if anyone has ever visited South Africa then you would know that they live in real wealth (generally). The richest of course are the white farmers and this is the reason why they have been targeted – along with rich blacks.

    Trying to make out like there is a genocide of white people is nonsense. There is indeed a constitutional plan to take back ALL land whether black or white for the purposes of equal redistribution. The problem here is EQUAL – white South Africans Who are generally still suffering from a post-apartheid hang over would rather leave than find themselves being on the same level as blacks.

    There are some very decent white South Africans who would rather move because they don’t agree with the crime, racism, government etc. You won’t hear them claiming targeted genocide. It’s the racists that you will find telling you stories of the big black boogeyman. You will even find them posting edited videos of South African politicians or misquoted statements just to make themselves like true victims. My advice is before you buy into the lies do your research and verify the things you are told yourself! Secondly anyone who is coming to New Zealand to respect the values of the country and it’s people and to add value to the country should be welcome – regardless of being white, black, South African or Martian.

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