VJMP Reads: Free Speech Under Attack II

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Chapter Four of Free Speech Under Attack is ‘How Speech Became Violence’ by Peter Cresswell. This essay echoes the warnings about leftist totalitarianism that VJM Publishing (among many others) has issued. Here Cresswell outlines the development of the concept of hate speech in New Zealand.

Putting hate speech on the agenda appears to be a leftist plot to introduce mass censorship. The anti-fascists have become the fascists. The modern Left is entirely in opposition to free speech. In fact, they are trying to destroy speech entirely, and with it people’s ability to communicate. Creswell concludes with an admonition to stay vigilant against those who would take freedom away.

Chapter Five is also by Cresswell, and titled ‘Identity Politics: the Threat from the “Azza” Group’. Cresswell begins by talking about the threat of identity politics and how it influenced the Christchurch mosque shootings. Identity politics is a modern tribalism that rejects the power of reason. This tribalism brings with it a savage and primitive way of thinking.

This tribalism has been specifically encouraged as a “formula for dissent, disagreement and disruption” by those who would start a revolution. Cresswell identifies the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse as instrumental in inspiring the attempts to revolutionise language. The concept of intersectionality must also take much of the blame.

Chapter Six is ‘Politicising a Massacre’ by Robert Stanmore. This refers to the Christchurch mosque shootings, after which all kinds of parties painted their enemies with being associated with Brenton Tarrant. Stanmore reflects on the hypocrisy of Jacinda Ardern wearing a hijab when it is a symbol of the subjection of women. The firearms ban was also bad legislation.

VJM Publishing gets a mention here, as one of the bloggers harassed by the New Zealand Police as part of their Operation Whakahumanu intimidation campaign. Stanmore also points out Ardern’s general hypocrisy on the subject of racism, and the danger of Andrew Little’s zeal to introduce hate speech laws. He also makes an argument that VJM Publishing has made before, that shutting down free speech will make terror attacks more likely, not less.


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