Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Roastie’?

In Clown World, relations between all groups have broken down as the general social order regresses towards savagery. As discussed at length in another chapter, this is particularly true of relations between the sexes. Part of the breaking down of relations between the sexes has been a rise in derogatory terms such as ‘roastie’. This essay explains.

In a state of Nature, the female of the species controls access to sexual reproduction on account of that only she can reproduce. This grants her a tremendous amount of power. It means that the social order of every sexually reproducing species is arranged around her and her needs. This is why peacocks dance to impress the females and not the other way around, and why those manning the lifeboats on sinking ships cry out “Women and children first!”.

The female-first approach taken by Nature led to a variety of goddess-worshipping cults and a matriarchal social order in the primitive human. As the social structure became more sophisticated, the matriarchal model started to get outcompeted by more patriarchal models with distinguished hierarchies. This process, leading to civilisation, developed a number of methods to even out the natural gender imbalance.

The Abrahamic solution was to declare women to be subhuman. Bible verses such as Timothy 2:12 state that women are to be subservient to men. Islamic culture openly considers women inferior, sometimes going as far as mutilating the genitals of infant girls with the intent that the decreased capacity for sexual pleasure is more likely to keep them faithful.

For many centuries after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the West operated on the Abrahamic model. Women were subjected to horrific abuse intended to cause them to submit to men. Ever since Hypatia was murdered by Christians in 415 A.D., women who demonstrated too much intellectual independence were simply killed. This state of affairs lasted for over a thousand years.

When the deathgrip that Abrahamism had over Western morality started to weaken with the Minor Renaissance, men started wondering if the mass enslavement of women was really in accordance with the Western soul. This led to the emancipation of women, a phenomenon that didn’t reach its full expression of power until the contraceptive pill was invented.

With women’s liberation, the power that Nature had once afforded them came back.

This worked out well in cases of high-IQ, good-natured women, who were able to break free from tyrannical masculinist strictures that were crushing their potential. In cases of low-IQ or poorly-natured women, the consequences were abysmal – falling for the first alpha male to show them attention, they were regularly inseminated and then abandoned to raise a semi-feral generation of children.

This cohort of semi-feral children is one of the reasons why Clown World is the way it is. We have regressed into a more primitive level of civilisation, and one consequence is women starting to exhibit pre-civilisational mating patterns. Part of this is a return of hypergamy (discussed at length in another chapter), a biological phenomenon in which the majority of women are attracted to a minority of men, meaning that some proportion of young men are left out.

Many young men feel a deep sense of resentment at all this, not least the ones unfavoured by women. Some of them can even become virulent incels like Elliot Rodgers. There are enough of these men to have created an entire anti-woman subculture – one that hates women, hypergamy and especially feminism. The men in this subculture are the ones who use terms such as ‘roastie’.

‘Roastie’ comes from roast beef, which is a reference to the belief (held by many young men in Clown World) that the average woman has taken so many cocks that her labia has become deformed, such that it now appears much like a roast beef sandwich. Leaving aside whether this is anatomically possible, the fact that this belief is widespread speaks to a fundamental corruption of romantic values. Women are seen with disgust instead of wonder.

An often accompanying belief is that society has decayed so far that all women are now whores, whether naturally or whether influenced to be so by mass media and culture. In Clown World, women have no interest in forming healthy romantic relationships – they simply flit from one ego-fuelled act of rutting to the next.

As could be guessed, the sort of man who thinks like this doesn’t have a lot of experience with women. They don’t realise that the sort of woman who sleeps with 300 guys is usually mentally damaged and her lust for Chads who treat her poorly is an expression of low self-esteem. Mentally healthy women might be serial monogamists who bounce from one relationship to another, but few have taken so many cocks that their pair bonding mechanism is damaged.

In any case, young women yearn for an end to Clown World at least as much as young men do.

Most young women would very much like to find a young man worth settling down with – but there aren’t many. One reason why these young women cast their nets wide is because the quality of the average man has declined, meaning that finding a man of the desired level is harder. That isn’t the fault of young women any more than any other Clown World phenomenon – it’s just the hand we were all dealt.

The solution to the roastie problem is not returning women to second class status, but restoring men to first class status. As Confucius told us over 2,500 years ago, the prevailing attribute of the feminine is devotion – but she has to have something worth being devoted to. Clown World won’t end until men are once again masculine enough to inspire devotion through their ability to impose order upon the natural chaos of the world – and when that day comes, the roastie problem will solve itself.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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4 thoughts on “Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Roastie’?”

  1. Edited to add further understanding of philosophy.

    You’ve misunderstood reality here:

    “The solution to the roastie problem is not returning women to second class status, but restoring men to first class status. As Confucius told us over 2,500 years ago, the prevailing attribute of the feminine is devotion – but she has to have something worth being devoted to. Clown World won’t end until men are once again masculine enough to inspire devoting through their ability to impose order upon the natural chaos of the world – and when that day comes, the roastie problem will solve itself.”

    Humans are very nearly 99% chimpanzee, thus, as with our chimp relatives, women are INNATELY hypergamous. Society and culture either control female sexuality, or they don’t. Theoretically, the only other ways it could be controlled would be by making all men genetically identical, or by altering whatever genes drive hypergamy in women.

    And as “philosophers” go, Confucius was garbage, a lightweight and simpleton really. Was Ann Landers a philosopher? Well, Confucius mined the same vein of understanding (I wouldn’t call it knowledge, because it’s not). Honestly, I’d hesitate to even call him a philosopher. He wasn’t particularly intelligent, and he essentially wasn’t self-aware at all, the essential quality of what neophytes might term a “mystical” philosopher, e.g. Lao Tzu, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle (though the depth of his realization is highly questionable), Jesus, Plotinus, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, et al.. Ideally, a philosopher combines high cognitive achievement, with high self-awareness, meaning that not only are they intelligent, but they have the capacity to still their minds for long periods of time, with their high intelligence allowing them to do the reality testing experimentation necessary to gain at least some comprehension of the truly fascinating results of doing that.

    Maybe don’t write a book, you aren’t all that intelligent, and it really shows. You might argue that I’m projecting, yes, true, but I’m projecting well down.

    1. You’re selling Hopium. That’s all. All women are corrupt and every last one would see clown world continue and would rather die than let it end. #IslamIsRightAboutWomen.

      Stop selling Hopium. Nothing good is ever going to happen and if the strong men were smart, they’d kill everything that lives so that the weak men will never be born. Stop going for half measures and fix the cyclical problem forever.

      1. You might think this if you haven’t met a real one. I’m not demeaning you it’s impossibly hard to find one. In my entire life of world travels I’ve only known one or two.

        Women are not by nature corrupt. They are corruptABLE even the best of them

    2. Confucius is heavily taught in college level philosophy, so the curriculum disagrees with your statement.

      In addition, there is no hypergamy if all men are great. Comparing yourself to a Chimp is a disservice to your humanity. Chimpanzees do not have the ability that us humans do – the ability to self-reflect and to progress spiritually, intellectually, and physically; the three of which increase your value as a man. You said you’re projecting (that’s obvious) but instead of wasting time complaining and tossing insults on the internet, spend it wisely – using your human ability to do something conducive and productive for yourself, and/or for others.

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