2 thoughts on “Teen Suicide in Jamaica and New Zealand”

  1. There are many different causes for a person to commit suicide.
    I take offence with the statement that it is a mental illness.
    In general people don’t distinguish between medicinal and recreational cannabis I point to the two different active ingredients.
    The longitudinal (Dunedin) study showed that recreational cannabis lowers the outcomes for youth.

    In the US the leading cause of death by opiates is higher than traffic or gun violence deaths, generally for people under 50 it is legal and illegal opiates. Is the US population suddenly suffering from mental illness? I think they are financially, socially and morally stressed.
    Please take your post down as it is inaccurate in several ways.

  2. We live in a free speech country, I was wrong to ask to remove this post but I read conclusions of research that showed cannabis is not a solution for suicide. I think cannabis should be decriminalized but that is something complete different.

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