Metaphysical Abolitionism

The term ‘abolitionism’ refers to the political movement that sought to abolish chattel slavery. It was a popular term in the 19th century, when first the British and later the Americans made it illegal to own other people. However, as this essay will examine, the battle against slavery merely shifted to a different front – the metaphysical one.

Controlling slaves physically is a major undertaking. They have to be shackled so as to not escape the plantation, and beaten or whipped so as to not shirk labour. Plantation owners in the antebellum South found themselves spending a great deal of their profits on keeping their slaves in line. Slave rebellions were common.

Eventually, the slave owners realised, it was unnecessary to keep people in chains and shackles when they could simply control their minds and their spirits. Controlling the minds and spirits of the slaves meant that the slave owners controlled all of their actions anyway, without having to physically abuse them and generate resentment or risk rebellion.

The enslavement of the mind and the spirit is linked to the Silver Right and the Golden Right of alt centrism. Simply put, a people cannot be free unless they’re both free to think for themselves and free to reconnect with God. The metaphysical abolitionist demands the removal of any obstacle preventing these two goals from being achieved.

Enslaving the mind, however, is the expertise of the Western ruling class. This they achieve through control of the popular narrative.

Ever since the publication of Edward Bernays’s Propaganda in 1928, the ruling elites have structured the education and media systems to both condition people to feel bad for questioning the popular narrative, and to feel good for enforcing that narrative on those who question it. The end product is a country of willing slaves, as submissive as any other herd animal.

The first step to inducing a population into trusting the mainstream media is to pacify them through the education system. 12 years of schooling is enough to condition most people into believing that questioning the popular narrative is an act of evil, and only by going along with it can happiness be found. It’s a simple matter of punishing those who ask questions and rewarding those who submit.

Controlling the popular narrative through the mainstream media means that Western elites control the permissible boundaries of thought. By normalising certain topics of discussion through repeated media exposure, they abnormalise others. The term ‘Overton window’ refers to that range of political positions that have been thus legitimised.

Any idea expressed in the mainstream media is legitimate; any idea not expressed in the mainstream media is illegitimate. If the elites really don’t like an idea, they simply instruct the talking heads on the television to describe supporters of that idea as ‘conspiracy theorists’. By discouraging unwanted lines of reasoning, the elites can keep people going around in circles, chasing mental phantoms like rats on a wheel.

The results of this widespread brainwashing are easily noted. The ruling elites merely have to broadcast the necessity of something over the television, and the masses will fall unquestioningly in line. If a talking head on the television says that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, the masses will demand his destruction. If the talking head says to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus, the masses obey.

The metaphysical abolitionist opposes all of this. Metaphysical abolitionism demands that people be allowed to think freely. So a metaphysical abolitionist will reject the importance of mainstream schooling, will discourage the consumption of the mass media and will encourage people to consume alternative media of all kinds. Their favourite thing is people getting together, away from normies, to discuss what the truth really is.

However, even if we did manage to break the psychological conditioning that enslaves our minds, there is a greater challenge.

Our minds may have been enslaved for a hundred years, but our spirits have been enslaved for even longer – ever since Christians destroyed the Eleusinian Mysteries in the 4th Century A.D. Since then, we’ve been the slaves of those who would tell us lies about God. The metaphysical abolitionist opposes this and wishes for the spirits of all people to be free.

In the same way that the ruling elites can engender intellectual submission by restricting intellectual expression to a range of harmless ideas, they can engender spiritual submission by restricting spiritual expression to a range of pointless superstitious dogmas. The humiliation engendered by forcing people to worship an idol of Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef instead of God has the effect of inducing passivity. With spiritual slavery follows slavery of every other kind.

Although humans have been using spiritual sacraments such as cannabis and psilocybin to reconnect with God for thousands of years, their use is mostly illegal in the modern West. The laws prohibiting them are explained to us as laws protecting the people’s mental health, but this is a total lie.

The truth is that cannabis and psilocybin are illegal because they are spiritual sacraments.

All spiritual people know that the truth will set you free, so those who would enslave the spirit must tell lies. Spiritual sacraments such as cannabis and psilocybin teach people the spiritual truths about reality: that consciousness is eternal and that God not only exists but also wishes the best for us. These sacraments have been made illegal so that the common people remain blind to the lies of the elites.

Spiritually speaking, the vast bulk of the population divides neatly into two halves: the slaves who follow whatever mainstream religion is pushed on them as children, and the malcontents who, recognising the mainstream dogma to be lies, reject the question of spirituality entirely. Genuine spiritual seekers – those who reject both the “Christian” label and the “atheist” label – are thus marginalised.

Metaphysical abolitionism demands that the human spirit be as free as the human body. This requires that people have free access to whatever spiritual sacrament they feel will help them reconnect with God. All spiritual sacraments must be legal and readily available: cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, DMT – the lot.

In summary, the metaphysical abolitionist advocates for free speech, free thought and for the annihilation of dogmatic religious strictures. This is to advocate for free minds and free spirits. The abolition of chattel slavery has been achieved already, at least in the West. It’s time to achieve the abolition of a much more insidious form of slavery, that of our minds and spirits.


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