Why They Stopped Pushing Class, And Started Pushing Race

Recent studies have shown that the frequency of race-baiting content in the mainstream media has increased sharply over the past decade. Terms such as “structural racism” and “racial inequality” have spiked in use. The lazy reason we’re all given is that this is a sign racial issues are finally being treated with due seriousness. The truth is much more sinister.

Many people have noticed that the mainstream media now pushes race issues at every opportunity. The major news shows now feature racial issues in almost every broadcast. Often, innocuous issues are spun to make it seem that black or brown people are being oppressed in situations when they really aren’t. Spokespeople for racial collectives are featured prominently.

The mainstream media has made it seem as if racial injustice is the single most pressing issue in all of society. With the hysteria around the George Floyd killing, it reached a truly religious fervour. This extreme attention paid to race issues, at the expense of class issues, is part of a deliberate divide-and-conquer strategy.

The simple story is that the mainstream media is owned by international banking and finance interests, and these interests control the loyalties of the ruling class of every Western nation.

The last thing those interests want is for the lower classes to unify, because if the lower classes did unify it would be against the international banking and finance interests and their lackeys. So those interests direct their employees in the mainstream media to promote racial narratives intended to set those lower classes against each other.

They know that a large proportion of the working class is non-white. By lifting that part up, and by pushing the white part down, they guarantee tension and conflict. Pushing racial consciousness ensures that the non-white working class takes an antagonistic attitudes towards white people, and consequently get rejected by the white working class.

As this column has previously pointed out, the corporate world has thrown itself in behind Black Lives Matter when they did the exact opposite for Occupy Wall Street. This is also deliberate. Although corporations act as if their support for Black Lives Matter is for purely altruistic reasons, the true reason for their support is that promoting racial narratives at the expense of class narratives serves their interests.

Simply put, race divides us more effectively than class does.

Although the white working class has no voice in today’s political scene, they are still some 35% of the population of the West. This means that the majority of poor people in every Western country are white. For these people, being told that they are privileged because of their skin colour – when still poor – is an outrage. But this idea is pushed because, not despite, that it is outrageous.

The primary consequence of pushing the lie that the white working class is privileged is discord between the white working class and the non-white working class. The more that the non-white working class is raised up above the white segment, the more hate is generated. This hate is amplified when the non-white working class is taught to regard the objections of the white working class as racist.

The result of pushing race consciousness in the mainstream media is that the working class has fallen apart. White working class people will not take the side of people who think they are racists, and non-white working class people will not take the side of people who they think are oppressors. This mutual antagonism prevents the working class from coalescing towards any common goal.

Meanwhile, the ruling class laughs, their opposition crippled by infighting.

The mainstream media has induced such an advanced state of race neurosis that many people are too afraid to discuss racial topics at all. Now we just meekly surrender while the mainstream media browbeats us into submission for the supposed crimes of our ancestors. Thanks to a decade of this psychological pressure, our minds have become warped into thinking through a racial lens.

This myopically race-based way of thinking means that class narratives are forgotten, and, with their loss, the opportunity for class-based resistance to the predations of our rulers becomes impossible.

The mainstream media will only very rarely discuss an issue from a working-class perspective, because that strengthens the enemies of their owners. Acknowledging the legitimacy of working-class consciousness is to acknowledge that the working class might have a legitimate grievance, or at least a legitimate reason to pull together. Much better to split them in two by promoting racial consciousness.

This divide and conquer strategy is used elsewhere. Western intelligence agencies use their control of media organs to sow discord in geopolitical rivals. For example, instead of speaking of China as a single unit, they will divide it into the oppressors who live urban and the oppressed who live rural. Then they push the rural narrative for the sake of promoting rural consciousness at the expense of national consciousness.

Occupy Wall Street terrified the international banking and finance interests that control the apparatus of propaganda. Those interests saw their class enemies pulling together under a common banner. Ever since then, the mainstream media has gone to extreme lengths to promote racial consciousness ahead of class consciousness. The rioting of 2020 suggests that they mostly succeeded.


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