Medicinal Cannabis Users in New Zealand are Treated Worse Than Animals

The above image is from the testimonials page of VetCBD, a medicinal cannabis product formulated specifically by veterinarians for conditions that might cause suffering to pets. All of the animals in the above image have been (according to their owners, at least) successfully treated with VetCBD.

Some Kiwis will be amazed, but this simple Californian website offering therapeutic treatment for pets actually offers more advanced and accurate cannabis science than you will get from a New Zealand doctor.

Namely, it will tell you that that CBD oil, an extract of one of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, is known to have considerable medicinal value.

No Kiwi doctor will tell you such a thing – if you ask them about CBD oil they will reflexively groan, zombie-like, “Cannabis causes braaaaaaain damage!”

Some pet owners in places with legal medicinal cannabis treat their pets with more compassion than Kiwis treat each other with

The website also lists a number of conditions that their product is believed to reduce the suffering associated with, in particular pain, anxiety, nausea and loss of appetite – in other words, the same things that human medicinal cannabis users use cannabis for.

Another way of putting this is: people in California treat their dogs with more compassion than New Zealand politicians and doctors treat their patients.

Yet another way of looking at is that medicinal cannabis users in New Zealand have cause to be envious of animals in more enlightened parts of the world.

Cannabis ought to work on pets if they have an endocannabinoid system, which all mammals do.

But whereas animals in over twenty American states can access CBD oil out of compassion for their misery, adult human New Zealanders cannot legally access it, as we have been commanded to go without this medicine for the sake of higher profits.

Next time you think you are living in a free country, Kiwis, just remember that there are places in the world where they don’t even allow animals to suffer to the degree that your own politicians and doctors will allow you to suffer if you have a condition that can be alleviated by medicinal cannabis.

2 thoughts on “Medicinal Cannabis Users in New Zealand are Treated Worse Than Animals”

  1. Its unbelievablethis government has made it so hard for us. It has slowly been introduced here but it’s so expensive it is out of reach for most ordinary people. It’ll be a cold day in hell before they even dream of subsidising it for sick people.

  2. It may be illegal here in NZ, but that doesn’t mean it’s unlawful. There is a difference, legal applies to Acts or Statutes, lawful applies to the common law. An Act or Statute is defined as…” A rule of society that gains the force of law with the consent of the governed” … Think of it, if an Act, eg, Land Transport Act, was actually the law, then why is it not called the Land Transport Law….because, it requires your consent to become the law, or gain the force of law, and guess what, you grant your consent when you sign up for a driver license, all a big con, they never disclose this to you. The old old trick they apply in all Act’s… that trick word “person” …learn what that is defined as and you’ll see things differently.

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