Is It Time To Rename Arnold Schwarzenegger?

2020 has been the year of the revaluation of values. Many things once thought acceptable are being re-evaluated with a new mindset. One thing once thought acceptable is the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This article asks: is it time to rename him?

The name ‘Schwarzenegger’ evokes many sentiments in the modern Western mind – similar sentiments to Arnold’s former nickname “The Austrian Oak”.

Physically, one thinks of the superbly well-crafted physique that won multiple world bodybuilding titles as well as the role of Conan the Cimmerian. Mentally, one thinks of the preternatural will and ambition that took a teenage Austrian boy to Hollywood superstardom and from there to a successful term as Governor of California.

Linguistically, the name evokes other sentiments. ‘Schwarz’ is German for ‘black’, and ‘neger’ is German for… well, you guessed it. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name literally means ‘black nigger’.

A white man going around calling himself “black nigger” cannot be acceptable under today’s moral standards. It’s no different to a white man conducting his daily affairs entirely in blackface. The name Schwarzenegger must be cancelled.

Perhaps Schwarzenegger could instead be called Arnold von Osterreich, a name that respects the black community while still evoking Arnold’s heritage. American President Donald Trump should pass a law renaming him as soon as possible in the hope of appeasing the black rioters currently rampaging through American inner cities.


Note: this article is a pisstake! If you really thought that we support the renaming of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re stupid!


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8 thoughts on “Is It Time To Rename Arnold Schwarzenegger?”

  1. You fucking Freak, He’s name is not black nigger. You fucked up American’s are sick !!!!! I am German!!!!

  2. I think re naming anything is stupid to make a minority happy . Where does it end? It wont. Shouldn’t of even started.

  3. This is not funny, who are you and how dare you even think renaming a legend. Dont write like this, its stupid!!

  4. What are it’s Pronouns? Privilege? I may have to remind you to check your Pronouns, check your Privilege, Democrats 2020.

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