Ardern Won’t Support Cannabis For Fear Of Losing The Brown Religious Vote

Some have been mystified as to why Jacinda Ardern won’t come out and support cannabis law reform. It seems like an obvious move considering that cannabis supporters and Labour supporters overlap to a great deal. But there are now a large number of Labour supporters who are not cannabis supporters. This essay explains Ardern’s calculus.

Ardern knows that the white religious vote is lost to her party – they will fall in behind National no matter what. The brown non-religious vote is mostly Maori, and will fall in behind Labour no matter what. The white non-religious vote is the bulk of the population and where every election is contested. The brown religious vote is currently Labour on account of being brown, but is at great risk of switching to National on account of being religious.

Labour’s long-term strategy involves getting the brown religious vote behind them permanently. As such, they are vulnerable to getting outflanked by National on social issues like cannabis prohibition.

There are two main reasons why Ardern is reluctant to publicly support cannabis law reform, and both of those reasons are brown religious bigots.

The first group of brown religious bigots are the Christians. Usually Polynesian, they are against cannabis because their pastor told them to be. Their pastor is afraid of anyone learning to think for themselves, and therefore opposes cannabis on the grounds that it might wake people up, leading them away from the church. So the pastor tells his flock that cannabis users are filthy drug abusers in need of punishment.

Dan McGlashan showed in Understanding New Zealand that there was no correlation between being a Pacific Islander and voting for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in 2017. There was, however, a significant positive correlation between being a Pacific Islander and being a Christian (0.46), and a significant negative correlation between being a Christian and voting ALCP in 2017 (-0.37).

Christians comprise the bulk of the anti-cannabis forces in New Zealand, as is also shown by the tight links between Christian groups and anti-cannabis groups. These hints reveal the presence of a large, brown, Christian, anti-cannabis vote that is currently supporting Labour, but which is tempted to change support to National because of religious sentiments.

The National Party has targeted the wealthier Pacific Islanders who are tempted to feel that supporting National is a sign of having made it in the world. So far, these Pacific Islanders have been reluctant to change allegiance, but Ardern could tip them over the edge by coming out in support of cannabis law reform. This could make the more religious of them decide that Labour is a party of bad morals.

The second group of brown religious bigots are the Muslims.

In Britain, the Muslim vote has shown itself to be overwhelmingly loyal to Labour. 85% of British Muslims voted for the Labour Party in 2017, compared to 11% who supported the Conservatives. Those 11% are usually unhappy with the Labour Party because they perceive it as morally degenerate.

Ardern has known, ever since her apprenticeship under war criminal Tony Blair, that Muslims can be relied upon to vote for left-wing parties. This is why the New Zealand Labour Party has put so much effort into accommodating Islam. They know that the plan is for the Muslim population of New Zealand to increase many times, and they want to secure that voting bloc now.

The conflict arises from the fact that Muslims generally consider cannabis users to be degenerate scum who should be destroyed.

Muslims, in general, don’t feel any obligation to return the kindness we have shown to them by letting them into New Zealand – they’re happy to campaign to have us locked up for offending their morals. This is why the New Zealand Muslim Association logo is proudly displayed on the About Us section of the Say Nope To Dope hate campaign, and why there was a significant negative correlation between being Muslim and voting for the ALCP in 2017.

The centre-left already has a hard time keeping Muslims underneath their umbrella, where they have to share space with the LGBTQ+ brigade. Already, the main thing keeping Muslims voting for Labour is that fact that Labour is seen as the brown person’s party. If Ardern would come out in support of cannabis law reform, she’d risk losing a significant proportion of those voters to the National Party.

Taken together, Pacific Islander and Muslim voters comprise as much as a fifth of the Labour Party voter base, and this proportion will be higher in the future. Jacinda Ardern knows that she risks losing these demographics to National if they start to think of her as morally degenerate. She is already pressured on that flank by Labour’s whole-hearted support of homosexuality. So cannabis users have to go under the bus.


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We’re Still Living In The Dark Ages

Mainstream history tells us that the Dark Ages began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and continued until the Renaissance. Since then, the light returned to Earth and now we surpass the ancients in all forms of knowledge. The reality is that the Dark Ages never ended. We surpassed the ancients in some ways, but in others we still lag far behind.

The usual reason we’re given for the Dark Ages occurring is the Christian conquest of the Western Roman Empire.

Being unintelligent and superstitious, the Christians destroyed as much of the existing Greco-Roman culture as they could. They burned every text, sacked every temple and slaughtered every hierophant they could get their hands on. This plunged Europe into a dark age of ignorance and intellectual destitution.

Fortunately, much of the ancient Greco-Roman learning was preserved elsewhere, such as in Persia. Over time, this filtered back into Europe, kickstarting the Renaissance in medieval Italy. Mainstream history has it that once the Renaissance began, we soon caught up to – and then surpassed – the level of knowledge possessed by the ancients.

The usual story has it that we recovered all of the lost knowledge by about 1600 A.D., around the time that Copernicus published his heliocentric theory. The truth is that the Christian Dark Ages brought with them a loss of spiritual knowledge that has still not been recovered. The spiritual sophistication of the Greco-Roman world has never again been reached.

Central to this superior spiritual knowledge were the Eleusinian Mysteries, which were practiced in Greece since before antiquity. For two thousand years, people from around Greece would converge upon Eleusis, a town near Athens, and get initiated into a secret society that taught the occult truths of human existence.

Foremost of these truths was the teaching that life continues after the death of the physical body. This teaching broke the chains of gold that bind people to materialism, liberating their minds as well as their bodies. This liberation resulted in the Greek Golden Age, a time which produced luminaries such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Alexander.

The truths of the Eleusinian Mysteries were taught in the form of lectures, but the participants were first made amenable to learning spiritual truths through drinking a psychedelic potion known as the kykeon. The recipe for the kykeon is now lost, but researchers believe that it either contained a psychedelic similar to LSD grown on wheat, or psilocybin from magic mushrooms (or both).

Christians destroyed the Mysteries at the end of the 4th century, by slaughtering the priests and sacking the temples. This heralded the beginning of the Dark Ages, when ignorance reigned and cognitive liberty was smashed down to the absolute minimum. It would be some 1,200 years of intellectual night before the Renaissance was in full swing.

Today, Western countries are still under the influence of that ghastly Christian superstition which considers spiritual sacraments to be “drugs” that intoxicate people. The modern West, soaked through with Abrahamic sentiment, does not see any difference between psilocybin mushrooms and heroin or methamphetamine.

All are classified in the same category in almost every Western country: extremely dangerous drugs with no medicinal value. Their use as spiritual sacraments is contemptuously denied. There is no such thing as spirituality, our political and intellectual leaders tell us. Those who speak of such things are mentally ill weaklings who can’t handle reality.

As a consequence, we have fallen into the coal-black darkness of materialism. The vast majority of people in today’s West are materialists who believe that the brain generates consciousness, and that consciousness is extinguished with the death of the brain. This empty, nihilistic outlook causes them to live as if animals, without a divine spark: psychopathic.

All this is proof that the Dark Ages never really ended.

We’re still benighted, we’re still trapped in a state of spiritual ignorance, disconnected from God. The results are seen everywhere – the soulless consumerism that has replaced genuine joy, the flickering screens that have replaced community, the empty superstitious gestures that have replaced genuine spirituality, the howling depression that sees a quarter of us forced to take psychiatric medicines just to survive.

Two things must happen before these Dark Ages, which have endured for 1,600 years already, can be ended.

The first is the complete eradication of the Abrahamic cults of hate. No quarter may be given to any of them. They have to be eliminated root and branch. This means destroying every Abrahamic holy place and every copy of their evil scriptures, and, if necessary, imprisoning those who continue to promulgate the cults.

The Abrahamic cults cannot be tolerated because of their deranged compulsion to destroy all genuine spiritual traditions. As soon as Abrahamists take power anywhere, they immediately start destroying the spiritual traditions of the culture they have subjugated. They still work today, in every Western nation, to persecute users of spiritual sacraments. This level of intolerance has to be reciprocated in the name of self-defence.

The second is the revival of genuine spiritual tradition. The Eleusinian Mysteries must be reinstated, whether in Eleusis or elsewhere. This will necessitate firstly the training of a new priesthood, who will not only have mastered the mystic teachings, but will be able to initiate other people into their secrets. It will also necessitate that the priests discover how to recreate the kykeon.

With a revived mystical tradition of initiation into the psychedelic mysteries, spiritual enlightenment will return to Earth and begin to spread. Something this excellent will soon become fashionable, and, once the world’s elites come to regularly participate, its popularity will herald the end of our current spiritual Dark Age and the advent of a new Golden Age.


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National Cannot Win While They Oppose Cannabis Law Reform

The latest Reid Research poll was a disaster for the National Party. They hit their lowest polling numbers since the 2017 General Election, a dismal 25.1 percent. This result raised fears of an electoral humiliation like 2002. In order to avoid this, National will have to convince the electorate that they have learned the lessons of the past.

The Labour Party scored over 60% in the Reid Research poll, an incredible result less than two months out from a General Election. Unless there are major changes in sentiment between now and then, a second term for the Sixth Labour Government is all but assured. The same poll also suggested that Jacinda Ardern is seen as a much more competent leader than Judith Collins.

The reason why Labour and Ardern are doing so well is primarily because of their leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. It might sound simple, but when faced with a medical crisis, Ardern’s Labour listened to the scientists. The spread of an infectious virus is too complicated a subject to be understood by someone with a public relations degree, so they listened to people with medical degrees.

It does sound simple, but it’s not always that case that politicians follow the advice of relevant experts. Often they put political considerations ahead of reality.

It’s impossible to know whether a Judith Collins-led National Party would have listened to the scientists on the matter of COVID-19. What we do know is that she is currently completely ignoring the scientists on the matter of cannabis law reform. This attitude does not inspire confidence.

The scientists have been saying, for many years now, that the medicinal properties of cannabis are sufficiently well understood to know that the plant is not dangerous if used correctly. Even when used irresponsibly, it’s not worth locking people in cages over. The danger comes from prohibition, which creates a black market with no quality control.

The National Party has resolutely ignored these experts, opting instead for the politics of hate that served the Fourth and Fifth National Governments so well. National has always known that a large proportion of crusty old Boomers hate cannabis users and are happy to see the law destroy them. It is to them that Collins is signalling when she supports prohibition.

The problem for National is that many of those people are now dead.

It’s not the 1990s anymore. Opposing cannabis law reform has always been wrong, but in the 1990s it looked prudent. Back then, there was so little available science that it made some sense to err on the side of caution. Cannabis was always medicinal, but in the absence of a body of empirical evidence precisely detailing its effects, it seemed wise not to open the floodgates.

By 2020, opposing cannabis law reform seems pointlessly antagonistic and vindictive. Today there’s ample evidence that, not only is cannabis not really harmful, it’s a beneficial medicine to a great many people. It’s clear now that cannabis prohibition achieved nothing but cause misery to the many people who needed it to alleviate suffering.

If the National Party would change their approach on cannabis, from a “punishment and pain” model to one that put business interests first, they could win back a lot of the centrist voters that they have lost since the previous election. Abandoning their commitment to cannabis prohibition would signal that National is letting go of old prejudices and is ready to move forwards.

Already, some 67% of Americans want legal cannabis, and more Australians want it than don’t want it. Cannabis law reform in New Zealand is inevitable – National will not win another General Election while they oppose it. If they were smart, they’d steal a bunch of centrist voters off Labour by coming out in support of it today.


Vince McLeod is the author of The Case For Cannabis Law Reform, the comprehensive collection of arguments for ending cannabis prohibition.


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Paula Bennett’s Cannabis Stance Emblematic Of National’s Failure

Yesterday’s Reid Research poll suggested complete and utter failure for the National Party in this September’s election. Most media commentators rushed to congratulate Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party, and suggested that their steady hand during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was the reason for the good polling. The alternative explanation, as this essay will explore, is that National are shit.

The poll suggested that Labour is currently favoured to win 56% of the vote at the next general election. This would only be a fraction lower than what the African National Congress won in last year’s general election in South Africa, a country often criticised for being a one-party state. It’s a triumphant poll for Labour supporters; their opposition lies scattered and disorganised.

Predictably, most National supporters reacted by bleating about how Reid Research was in Ardern’s back pocket and how everything will be different once the economic effects of the lockdowns are more widely understood. But it won’t be. The fact is that the country has fundamentally lost confidence in the current National leadership.

This magazine reminded everyone last year, in response to increased complaining about the human rights abuses committed by the Sixth Labour Government, that Labour were only in power because National were shit. The Fifth National Government had unmistakably demonstrated its indifference to the suffering of New Zealand’s working class and younger generations, and, subsequently, Winston Peters went with Labour after the 2017 General Election.

Nothing has changed on National’s part.

Deputy Leader Paula Bennett has announced that she’ll be voting to keep putting cannabis users in cages this September. She isn’t bothered that cannabis prohibition costs the taxpayer $400,000,000 a year to enforce, or that it causes great suffering to many of her fellow citizens for no justifiable reason. She wants to charge on with cannabis prohibition as if we’ve learned nothing at all from the past 45 years of failure.

This position is a microcosm of National’s failings.

We tried the politics of cruelty for nine years – the term of the Fifth National Government. We saw John Key and then Bill English sit on their arses as medicinal cannabis was legalised across the world, leaving desperate Kiwis to suffer needlessly. They wasted some $3,600,000,000 on enforcing cannabis prohibition during their term, with nothing to show for it at the end.

During those nine years, we saw the suicide rate climb as the mental health system was pared down to the bare bones. Banking and finance interests grew fat and wealthy, while working New Zealanders were driven first into debt and then to the wall. The National Party rejected all pleas for relief with the same contemptuous indifference that the previous National Government had shown.

By 2017, New Zealanders decided that they’d had enough cruelty. National lost so much support that they lost their grip on power, and Winston Peters dealt the killing blow. It seems that National didn’t learn much from this, however. They have continued to campaign for a kick in the guts to all the usual victims.

Bennett’s position on cannabis shows that National still don’t give a fuck at all. They don’t give a fuck about science, or evidence, or what’s happening with cannabis law reform overseas. They’re just drifting along, in their own little bubble, as if it were still the 1990s.

Things were different in the 1990s. The Fourth National Government passed a Budget in 1991 that left the children of poor families to go hungry, and were rewarded. Kiwis didn’t care about hungry kids then, so we voted National back into power – twice. In the 1990s, we didn’t give a fuck either. But we do now (at least generally speaking).

New Zealand, and the world, have moved on from beggar thy neighbour politics, but the current National leadership has been slow to see it.

Today’s National Party are so out of touch with the average New Zealander that they might as well have a Deputy Leader who wants to put homosexuals in cages. Bennett’s position on cannabis is ludicrous in the light of existing evidence. The electorate inevitably punishes someone holding antiquated positions, and cannabis prohibition is an antiquated method of dealing with cannabis misuse.

To be in favour of cannabis prohibition today is to deny reality. A person is insane if they think that, by using the criminal justice system to put cannabis users in cages, the Government decreases the sum total of human suffering. Kiwi voters can sense this, and so they have overwhelmingly chosen to support the opposition.

The National Party needs to move away from the politics of hate that have characterised it in recent decades, and accept that policies like cannabis prohibition belong in history’s garbage can. This might necessitate a clearout of their current leadership. Nikki Kaye has previously demonstrated a 21st Century approach to cannabis law reform, and the electorate might reward this good sense over what Bridges and Bennett are offering.


Vince McLeod is the author of The Case For Cannabis Law Reform, the comprehensive collection of arguments for ending cannabis prohibition.


If you enjoyed reading this essay, you can get a compilation of the Best VJMP Essays and Articles of 2019 from Amazon for Kindle or Amazon for CreateSpace (for international readers), or TradeMe (for Kiwis). A compilation of the Best VJMP Essays and Articles of 2018 and the Best VJMP Essays and Articles of 2017 are also available.


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