Demography Is Destiny

The West is in a dismal state today. Despite unprecedented material wealth, our collective social capital has never been lower. Sometimes it feels like the West is in a state of civil war, with chaos and destruction reigning in many major cities. Most of this was predicted at least half a century ago, by those who studied the demographic trends.

The American fertility rate was over three children per woman from 1950 to 1964. This period of high fertility became known as the “Baby Boom”. The rate fell sharply after 1964, and by 1978 it had fallen to 1.8 children per woman. This demographic pattern had serious economic consequences.

As the Boomers entered the workforce en masse, an incredible economic phenomenon began. Because there were a great number of workers, and very few elderly or young dependents, the economy was unusually profitable. This is measured by something called the dependency ratio, which is the ratio of people in the workforce to people not in the workforce.

The dependency ratio was high during the Baby Boom, on account of all the children, but it began to plummet from around 1980, after those children entered the workforce. This led to a time of great profitability, which lasted as long as the Boomers were in employable age groups.

By today this process has begun to reverse. The first of the Baby Boomers hit the pension age of 65 in 2010. Ever since then, the dependency ratio has risen. In 2000, there were five workers per pensioner in America; by 2050, there are expected to be 2.9 workers per pensioner. We are about to go through a time of great unprofitability.

The saying “demography is destiny” refers to the fact that the macrotrends of Western economies since World War II have followed demographic trends.

When the Boomers die off en masse, a process which is beginning now, the dependency ratio will improve. This will also lead to a sharp decrease in housing demand. The combined effect of these two major changes will create an economic boom lasting several decades. Unfortunately for most of the people reading this article, the post-Baby Boomer boom won’t fully start happening until after 2050.

The situation might seem bad for the West, but it’s even worse in the industrialised countries of the Far East. Their fertility rate collapse is a more extreme version of the Western one.

China had a similar economic boom to the West from 1985 to 2010, with a large demographic bulge of working-age people keeping the dependency ratio low. But China today, despite being infamous for its population, only has a fertility rate of 1.7.

In 2010, the old-age dependency ratio in China was 11%, meaning nine workers for every pensioner. By 2060, it is expected to be over 50%, meaning two workers for every pensioner. Considering that they are only a middle-income nation today, and that future economic growth is uncertain, a dependency ratio of 50% threatens to cause extreme poverty.

It’s worse still elsewhere in Far East Asia.

In 2020, the South Korean fertility rate is less than 1.1 children per woman. At a fertility rate this low, the South Korean population will halve every generation. The fertility rates of people in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan are only slightly higher, around 1.4. Their populations should decrease by a third every generation. China’s should decrease by a quarter.

Some might argue that Europe and Far East Asia are overpopulated anyway, and the environment would benefit from a sharp population decrease. The trouble is that the rulers of both places are accustomed to a certain standard of living, and, if given the choice, will act to maintain that standard of living even if succeeding generations have to suffer for it.

In Western countries, falling populations have been preempted by mass immigration. This has prevented Western economies from shrinking, keeping stock prices and house prices high, and the ruling class happy. However, the result of this process has been the collapse of social cohesion, reflected everywhere in less trust.

A nation that opens itself to mass immigration also opens itself to division and, eventually, chaos. The historical record is clear on this subject, as is the science. Changes in kinship intensity have direct and far-reaching political consequences. If demographics lead to a decrease in a nation’s kinship intensity, then that nation’s destiny is discord and war. The civil unrest in today’s America is merely a foretaste.

That demographic trends are capable of tearing nations apart from the inside can be understood mathematically. Taking the example of France, it can be seen that the destiny of any population with a low fertility rate, once it comes to host a foreign population with a high fertility rate, is to be conquered.

If the white population of France is 50,000,000, and their women reproduce at the rate of 1.5 children per woman, the white French population will fall to 28,125,000 after two generations. If the Muslim population is 5,000,000, and their women reproduce at the rate of three children per woman, the Muslim French population will rise to 11,500,000 after two generations.

After three generations, the French population will be some 21 million, and the Muslim population some 17 million. By that time, the majority of fighting-age males will belong to the Muslim population, and France will be a de facto conquered land. Muslims will have achieved with their wombs what they could not achieve with their swords 1,300 years earlier, at the Battle of Tours.

Much the same logic was followed by French financier Charles Gave, who outlined it in a paper he wrote for the Institute of Liberty. He was immediately attacked for promulgating the great replacement conspiracy theory, only it is no conspiracy. It’s a simple extrapolation from currently known values, and its logic is inescapable.

The fertility rate in France has been famously low for over a century now. The fertility rate in neighbouring Algeria, by contrast, was over seven children per woman as recently as 1980. The consequence is that, by today, there are two to three times as many Algerians in France as there were French people in Algeria in 1940, when Algeria was a French colony. France is now itself a colony in all but name.

France’s destiny is to become an Islamic state. This follows inexorably from their current demographics, and is no harder to predict than was the German victory over France in World War II. This victory had been forecast over half a century beforehand, by people who knew that Germany had a much higher fertility rate than France, and who had calculated that this would eventually lead to an overwhelming German numerical advantage.

The single most important demographic trend of this century is the one that predicts that the population of Africa will quadruple by the end of the century. Currently around one billion, it is expected to be four billion by 2100, which will mean that almost half of the world’s population will be African.

Countries like Niger and Somalia are still reproducing at the rate of over six children per woman. The total African fertility rate is 4.4 children per woman. The sad reality of this population explosion is that, by the end of this century, the majority of Africa’s megafauna will be extinct in the wild. Most megafauna are already threatened thanks to human population pressure, and they will not survive an African population of four billion.

The societies of Europe are unlikely to survive it either. Europe today is barely capable of defending their borders against migrant inflows from the South. In the medium-term future, with an even smaller European population and a surging African one, they won’t be capable of defending them at all. The destiny of Europe appears to be getting overwhelmed by the surplus African population.

The next century looks like it will bring a drastic decrease in the high IQ populations of the world, and an equally drastic increase in the low IQ populations of the world. The inevitable result will be low IQ people surging into high IQ territories, and a profound increase in the average amount of human suffering. Demography really is destiny, and it suggests that the world’s destiny is a grim one.


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Clown World Chronicles: Who Is Pepe?

Pepe is seen everywhere in Clown World, not least on the cover of this book. This anthropomorphic green frog has come to stand in for the everyday citizen of Clown World, who can relate to Pepe’s joys and rages. This article explains Pepe’s position in the Clown World pantheon.

In short, Pepe is the active principle to Wojak’s passive principle.

Both Pepe and Wojak occupy the central node in the Clown World pantheon, at the centre of the Fundamental Axis. In doing so, they represent the Clown World Everyman, who is every single one of us. The difference between them is that Pepe rises above, whereas Wojak sinks below.

Pepe became an Internet phenomenon over a decade ago, suddenly being posted everywhere. Forums like the Shroomery included a Pepe image as an emoji, usually depicted speaking his catchphrase “Feels good man.” For these Internet dwellers, Pepe represented overcoming the suffering inherent to life.

Pepe is usually seen having a good time, whether playing video games, smoking bongs or joints, or partying with hot chicks. Often, this good time is being had despite some external hardship or difficulty. The spirit of Pepe could be described as the will to have a good time despite that one lives in Clown World.

In this sense, Pepe heralds the ultimate victory of the spirit of Kek over the forces of Clown World. Although not good himself, Pepe represents the forces of good in embryonic form. As such, he is that which rises above. Pepe represents the rising beast latent within the human animal.

As such, Pepe is generally shown feeling warm-blooded emotions, such as exhilaration, alarm or rage. He’s often depicted with a steel helmet and an M-16, as if rampaging through the Vietnamese jungle. Another common depiction is wide-eyed paranoia, as if he suddenly realised just how bad things really are.

This masculinity is why Pepe has become emblematic of the alt right, which is in character a highly masculine movement. Pepe is symbolic of knowing what you want and acting to get it. Anyone willing to bring more fire into their lives might find themselves working to summon the spirit of Pepe.

Pepe is so emblematic – and problematic – that depictions of him are considered hate symbols by Clown World institutions such as the Anti-Defamation League. Because Pepe represents the spirit of rising above and overcoming Clown World, he is correctly seen as a symbol of resistance to Clown World itself. Ironically, this has resulted in lawsuits from the first man to draw Pepe, against others who use the image.

In Internet culture, Pepe is often depicted alongside Wojak, usually as some kind of team. This reflects how Pepe and Wojak are different expressions of the same thing: the will to overcome Clown World. In the vast majority of these depictions, Pepe is the more masculine of the two, so that it’s his energy that inspires Wojak to action.

The Pepe/Wojak dichotomy is at the very centre of life in Clown World. It could be said, paraphrasing Solzhenitsyn, that the line between Pepe and Wojak runs through every human heart. This is not to imply that Pepe is good and that Wojak is evil – they simply represent an elementary form of those forces.

This active principle represented by Pepe rises up the Fundamental Axis to become Honkler. It can be said that Honkler is the ultimate form of Pepe. This is analogous to how Mercury or Lucifer is the ultimate form of the human man. Honkler is the apotheosis of Pepe, having overcome all of the suffering of Clown World.

Some believe that the increasing frequency of Pepe sightings are evidence that the Will of Kek is returning to the world. Every sighting of Pepe increases the chances that Honkler will return, and when he does Clown World will end.

These meme magicians like to share images of Pepe, especially rare ones. Doing so, whether it’s realised or not, is a magical act. The purpose of it is to raise the frequency of the anima mundi, or the Spirit of the World. If the frequency of the anima mundi can be raised high enough, Clown World will break apart and fall away, heralding a new spiritual age.

Other people, more cynically, believe that these sightings are evidence of a far-right resurgence that aspires to start another civil war (i.e. the Boogaloo). They will argue that Pepe is used as a hate symbol to agitate for violent actions against the Establishment. Generally speaking, those who dislike Pepe tend to be materialists.

Whatever the truth, Pepe endures. His place at the centre of the Clown World pantheon makes him arguably its most iconic figure. As long as Clown World exists, its denizens will feel motivated to overcome it, and as long as this will to overcome exists then Pepe’s spirit is with us.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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We’re Still Living In The Dark Ages

Mainstream history tells us that the Dark Ages began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and continued until the Renaissance. Since then, the light returned to Earth and now we surpass the ancients in all forms of knowledge. The reality is that the Dark Ages never ended. We surpassed the ancients in some ways, but in others we still lag far behind.

The usual reason we’re given for the Dark Ages occurring is the Christian conquest of the Western Roman Empire.

Being unintelligent and superstitious, the Christians destroyed as much of the existing Greco-Roman culture as they could. They burned every text, sacked every temple and slaughtered every hierophant they could get their hands on. This plunged Europe into a dark age of ignorance and intellectual destitution.

Fortunately, much of the ancient Greco-Roman learning was preserved elsewhere, such as in Persia. Over time, this filtered back into Europe, kickstarting the Renaissance in medieval Italy. Mainstream history has it that once the Renaissance began, we soon caught up to – and then surpassed – the level of knowledge possessed by the ancients.

The usual story has it that we recovered all of the lost knowledge by about 1600 A.D., around the time that Copernicus published his heliocentric theory. The truth is that the Christian Dark Ages brought with them a loss of spiritual knowledge that has still not been recovered. The spiritual sophistication of the Greco-Roman world has never again been reached.

Central to this superior spiritual knowledge were the Eleusinian Mysteries, which were practiced in Greece since before antiquity. For two thousand years, people from around Greece would converge upon Eleusis, a town near Athens, and get initiated into a secret society that taught the occult truths of human existence.

Foremost of these truths was the teaching that life continues after the death of the physical body. This teaching broke the chains of gold that bind people to materialism, liberating their minds as well as their bodies. This liberation resulted in the Greek Golden Age, a time which produced luminaries such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Alexander.

The truths of the Eleusinian Mysteries were taught in the form of lectures, but the participants were first made amenable to learning spiritual truths through drinking a psychedelic potion known as the kykeon. The recipe for the kykeon is now lost, but researchers believe that it either contained a psychedelic similar to LSD grown on wheat, or psilocybin from magic mushrooms (or both).

Christians destroyed the Mysteries at the end of the 4th century, by slaughtering the priests and sacking the temples. This heralded the beginning of the Dark Ages, when ignorance reigned and cognitive liberty was smashed down to the absolute minimum. It would be some 1,200 years of intellectual night before the Renaissance was in full swing.

Today, Western countries are still under the influence of that ghastly Christian superstition which considers spiritual sacraments to be “drugs” that intoxicate people. The modern West, soaked through with Abrahamic sentiment, does not see any difference between psilocybin mushrooms and heroin or methamphetamine.

All are classified in the same category in almost every Western country: extremely dangerous drugs with no medicinal value. Their use as spiritual sacraments is contemptuously denied. There is no such thing as spirituality, our political and intellectual leaders tell us. Those who speak of such things are mentally ill weaklings who can’t handle reality.

As a consequence, we have fallen into the coal-black darkness of materialism. The vast majority of people in today’s West are materialists who believe that the brain generates consciousness, and that consciousness is extinguished with the death of the brain. This empty, nihilistic outlook causes them to live as if animals, without a divine spark: psychopathic.

All this is proof that the Dark Ages never really ended.

We’re still benighted, we’re still trapped in a state of spiritual ignorance, disconnected from God. The results are seen everywhere – the soulless consumerism that has replaced genuine joy, the flickering screens that have replaced community, the empty superstitious gestures that have replaced genuine spirituality, the howling depression that sees a quarter of us forced to take psychiatric medicines just to survive.

Two things must happen before these Dark Ages, which have endured for 1,600 years already, can be ended.

The first is the complete eradication of the Abrahamic cults of hate. No quarter may be given to any of them. They have to be eliminated root and branch. This means destroying every Abrahamic holy place and every copy of their evil scriptures, and, if necessary, imprisoning those who continue to promulgate the cults.

The Abrahamic cults cannot be tolerated because of their deranged compulsion to destroy all genuine spiritual traditions. As soon as Abrahamists take power anywhere, they immediately start destroying the spiritual traditions of the culture they have subjugated. They still work today, in every Western nation, to persecute users of spiritual sacraments. This level of intolerance has to be reciprocated in the name of self-defence.

The second is the revival of genuine spiritual tradition. The Eleusinian Mysteries must be reinstated, whether in Eleusis or elsewhere. This will necessitate firstly the training of a new priesthood, who will not only have mastered the mystic teachings, but will be able to initiate other people into their secrets. It will also necessitate that the priests discover how to recreate the kykeon.

With a revived mystical tradition of initiation into the psychedelic mysteries, spiritual enlightenment will return to Earth and begin to spread. Something this excellent will soon become fashionable, and, once the world’s elites come to regularly participate, its popularity will herald the end of our current spiritual Dark Age and the advent of a new Golden Age.


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Clown World Chronicles: What Is A ‘Christcuck’?

Christianity first became popular among the slave classes of ancient Rome. These wretches found an outlet for their resentment in the slave cult that told them the world was evil, and that those who liked it were doomed to everlasting punishment. Christianity ended up destroying the Western World then, and it threatens to do so again now.

It has long been understood that only people who hate life become Christians. Only the sadomasochistic or the deranged would follow a slave cult that promises pleasure in the afterlife in exchange for enduring suffering in this one. Despite that, there are a large number of Christcucks in Clown World, and their collective nature causes suffering for all.

‘Cuck’ is short for ‘cuckold’, which means a man whose wife has sex with other men. It’s a synonym for ‘weakling’ or ‘faggot’, i.e. an excessively feminine man. Cuck has become the archetypal Clown World insult, owing to the fact that we are in the “weak man” part of the historical cycle.

A ‘Christcuck’, then, is a man who has been spiritually cuckolded by the priesthood of the Christian religion. In the same way that a regular cuck is less than a full man on account of that he is subject to the will of his bull, the Christian is less than a full man on account of that he is subject to the will of his priest.

Although decent Christians can and do exist, the common sentiment among sane people in Clown World is that Christians are much like cuckolds. This comparison is made for two major reasons.

The first reason is that they are shamefully weak, and in a way that causes others to suffer.

In the same way that a cuckold invites strange men into his wife, destroying his family, the Christcuck invites strange men into his nation, destroying his community. The universalist creed of Christianity declares that “there is neither Jew nor Greek”, and the Christcuck takes that to mean that borders are against the will of God.

This has resulted in strong Christcuck support for refugee and migrant resettlement. Christian lobby groups are at the forefront of efforts to increase refugee quotas. These refugees and migrants then go on to commit horrendous amounts of violence and sex crimes, causing everyone to suffer – and all just so that the Christcuck can virtue signal.

The Christcuck makes a virtue out of being as pathetic as possible. They act as if their harmlessness made them morally superior to normal people, much like cuckolds argue that their lack of jealousy makes them morally superior to others. They are rightly despised for this, on account of that the absence of masculinity is responsible for most of Clown World’s misery.

The second reason why Christians are compared to cuckolds, and the most appropriate to Clown World, is that Christcucks are grossly dishonest, and that this dishonesty is a major cause of why there’s so much suffering today.

Regular cuckolds go through a massive amount of cognitive dissonance on account of that other men fuck their wives. This dissonance twists them into untrustworthy creatures. Cuckolds lie to themselves and to other people all the time – and so do Christcucks.

Christcucks virtue signal all day, but when an opportunity comes along to actually prevent suffering they don’t take it. Constantly we are told that Jesus is compassion and therefore his followers are the good guys, but when Christians are given an opportunity to show compassion they do nothing. The modern Christcuck supports the War on Drugs, welfare austerity and Middle Eastern military adventurism.

They also attribute the greatness of Western culture to their slave cult, and not to inherent qualities of Westerners. This belief is proven false in two ways. Western culture was great before Christianity, as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander, Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar showed. Moreover, other peoples who have become Christian didn’t become great, as shown by the numerous poverty-riddled African Christian nations.

Perhaps worst of all, they lie about genuine spiritual practices in an effort to keep people dumb and deluded. Not only do Christians lie about meditation, claiming that it can induce demonic possession, but they also lie about cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, mescaline and DMT, claiming that these spiritual sacraments are drugs that cause mental illness. These efforts to keep people spiritually deluded have created immense suffering.

Christcuckery is best exemplified today by Pope Francis. Normally hidden away behind gigantic stone walls, he emerges to lecture Westerners about the need to open borders to refugees, or about climate change. Never does he suggest anything practical, like ending the War on Drugs or the need to study hard at school, because he’s not interested in alleviating anyone’s suffering. Much the opposite.

Christcucks belong in the same group as soyboys, baizuos, incels, dhimmis, trannies, simps, NEETs and gutmenschen as another example of social decay, which is why they’re seen ever more often in today’s Clown World. The common quality linking them all is a lack of rectitude manifesting as weakness and effeminacy.

The solution to Christuckery is an occult revival. This might involve a return of Hermeticism, or a new interpretation of the perennial philosophy, or perhaps even an attempt to institute a new Eleusinian Mysteries. Whichever precise form it takes, it will come as a great relief to the multitudes who are currently starved of spiritual nourishment.


This article is an excerpt from Clown World Chronicles, a book about the insanity of life in the post-Industrial West. This is being compiled by Vince McLeod for an expected release in the middle of 2020.


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